Raúl Frost, 30, Butcher/Bartender, Escort

"Perdono pero nunca olvido."

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Nunca olvido.



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With Eliza.
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091113 | 7:44 a.m., Little Italy, NY

Raúl heads to the butcher shop early this morning. He works until 2 and then he will head back home to check up on his uncle and maybe take a nap before work at The Devil’s Hole in the evening.
Raúl hasn’t really talked much to Moira for a few weeks now. Since the night he spent with Maddox, he stayed clear out of Moira’s path.
Mood: Irritated, awake, focused.
Attire: See above with a heavy down jacket. [Long hair tied in the back of his head.]

“Easy there, Mads. You keep at it and I’ll come soon…”

Maddy Blue Balls † Raúl-Mads


[Timeline: 5th October, 2013, Saturday, 6:06 a.m., Outside the club.]

Maddy left the club and got in her car. Of course she was to drunk to drive, but she was so annoyed and frustrated she just drove. Like a maniac. Surprisingly she got home in one piece and walked straight up to her bedroom, stripping off on the way. She gasped in shock when she saw a figure in her bed but quickly remembered it was Raul. She huffed and walked into the bathroom and turned on the shower. The scorching hot water felt good and she just wanted to wash away the night. After spending a good 30 minutes in there, she got out smelling of mango and passion fruit and wrapped a soft, fluffy white towel around her body. She dried off her hair as she went back in to the bedroom and stood by the bed watching Raul sleep for a minute. Without even thinking what she was doing she dropped her towel to the floor and gently pulled the covers off the man, slowly revealing his torso then his … “Jesus fucking Christ…” She muttered under her breath and pulled the covers right off. She smiled to herself as she crawled up the from the foot of the bed. It was past 7a.m now and it was already light outside. “Wakey, wakey Raul, you fucking fuck.” She whispered with a smile, running her palms softly up his legs, lingering at his thighs and circled her fingers firmly, still moving upwards. He seemed to stir and she looked up at his peaceful face from between his thighs then she tickled his balls with her fingertips before squeezing them a little. She lowered her head and her wet hair draped over her face so she pushed it back behind her ears with her free hand. She gave his already hard dick a long and firm lick from base to tip before sucking the head in her mouth.

Raúl stirred in his sleep, feeling the bed shifting. He groaned as fingernails lightly scratched his thighs then he heard that familiar sexy voice. A smile formed on his lips as he forced to pry his left eye open. “‘Sup?” He asked looking down, realizing he was fully naked and she was kneeling right between his legs, working on his already hard shaft. “Well, fuck,” he moaned, licking his lips as she sucked his head. “It’s nice to see you, too,” he said, reaching down to hold the top of her head, eyes fixed on her pretty mouth wrapped around his dick. It wasn’t a secret that he had a quite sizable - manhood and as bad as it might sound, he always wondered when he was getting head if they can take him all in. And Maddy was no different with her nice little mouth and pouty lips… She only had the tip of his cock in her mouth and he grew bigger by the second and the thought of her struggling to accommodate his size almost sent him to the edge. “Easy there, Mads. You keep at it and I’ll come soon…”