Raúl Frost, 30, Butcher/Bartender, Escort

"Perdono pero nunca olvido."

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Nunca olvido.



But no onee iss hereeeee. And I’m too worried to open her up as an oc .. my ocs always die :’(

Aimeeeeee are you still around??


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With Eliza.
Apparently, we like Bacardi at work.

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091113 | 7:44 a.m., Little Italy, NY

Raúl heads to the butcher shop early this morning. He works until 2 and then he will head back home to check up on his uncle and maybe take a nap before work at The Devil’s Hole in the evening.
Raúl hasn’t really talked much to Moira for a few weeks now. Since the night he spent with Maddox, he stayed clear out of Moira’s path.
Mood: Irritated, awake, focused.
Attire: See above with a heavy down jacket. [Long hair tied in the back of his head.]